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New Warcraft trailer finally focuses on that sweet war

Legendary has released what seems like a lot of footage of Warcraft, considering that Duncan Jones’ movie still doesn’t come out until June, but apparently the studio thinks it needs to do some work convincing people to see a movie about a bunch of knights and wizards going to battle against a horde of orcs. Speaking of going to battle, the previous Warcraft trailers and TV spots have mostly focused on establishing the weird world of Blizzard’s long-running video game series, but this new trailer finally gets into a bunch of good ol’ punching, slicing, and magical blasting. In other words, it’s putting the war in Warcraft. We also get to see some romance between Travis Fimmel’s human dude Anduin Lothar and Paula Patton’s orc lady Garona Halforcen (who might actually be half-orc, given her name), which is really the biggest thing people want to see anyway.

Warcraft will be in theaters on June 10.


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