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New Warcraft trailer reminds you there’s magic to go with the orcs

It’s hard out there for an Orgrim. Or at least, the new international trailer for Warcraft suggests it’s tough trying to balance dicey new alliances against the orc inclination to go all bloodlust-y on anyone who comes within a hundred-yard radius. This latest promotional clip for the upcoming action-adventure movie is essentially a condensed version of the first trailer, tracing the basic outline of the narrative and conveying some introductory information about this universe to the non-World Of Warcraft aficionados out there. And unlike the most recent TV spot, this one focuses less on the immersive qualities of the film and more on spectacle. Sure, it’s basically all shots we’ve seen before, but in addition to the excitement of seeing them in slightly different order, there’s also a few new scenes showing magic being wielded. Legendary doesn’t want anyone unclear on the fact that, if you purchase a ticket to Warcraft, you won’t just be seeing CGI orcs swinging massive hammers—you’ll also see a lot of lovingly rendered sorcery, here represented in standard bolt-of-blue-lightning-style depiction.

Come May 30, you can see all the magic for yourself, and decide if maybe the guys who only get knives for weapons may just want to hang it up, and see if one of these super-powered warlocks needs an assistant.

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