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Nick Kroll stretches alongside Adam Scott, Jenny Slate in My Blind Brother trailer

We’ve seen Adam Scott play the cocky jagoff sibling before (Step Brothers), and we’ve borne witness to Jenny Slate’s skill at playing relatably confused characters dealing with moral quandaries (Obvious Child). The trailer for My Blind Brother, though, offers a relatively new side of Nick Kroll. The comedian, whose characters usually ooze smarmy confidence, plays a likable schlub who is forever in the shadow of his over-achieving blind brother (Scott), with whom he winds up competing for the affections of the same woman (Slate). In his review of the film after viewing it at Tribeca, The A.V. Club’s Jesse Hassenger noted that “Kroll makes a surprisingly credible leading man,” even while lamenting some missed opportunities with Slate’s character.


This is British writer-director Sophie Goodhart’s first feature film, based on a 2003 short of the same name which which was inspired by the real-life experiences she had dealing with her sister’s multiple sclerosis. Prior to this, she co-wrote Brad and Todd Barnes’ 2010 film The Locksmith.

In addition to a limited theatrical release, My Blind Brother will be available via video on demand starting September 23.

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