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Nicolas Cage hunts down Osama Bin Laden in the trailer for Army Of One

Nicolas Cage has made a career of playing possibly unhinged men who believe themselves to be destined for greatness even though everyone around them thinks they’re just crazy. But he’s usually proven right in the end, when it turns out that there really is a map on the back of the Declaration Of Independence or whatever. Army Of One takes that basic concept and puts a real-life spin on it, casting Cage as a man who believes that God wants him to go to Pakistan and find Osama Bin Laden. We don’t want to spoil the movie (or any other movies), but let’s just say there’s a good chance he doesn’t pull it off this time.

This trailer for Army Of One introduces Cage’s supposedly divine hero, as well as Russell Brand as God (or possibly just himself) and Wendi McLendon-Covey as Cage’s impossibly supportive girlfriend. The film also features Rainn Wilson, Ken Marino, Denis O’Hare, and Paul Scheer. It was directed by Borat’s Larry Charles, and it’ll be available through on-demand services on November 4.

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