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No one can be trusted in the new Gone Girl trailer

The first trailer for Gone Girl, released after news of author Gillian Flynn completely reworking the ending with David Fincher, teased the book’s fans just enough while also establishing the film’s Fincher-esque eeriness. The latest trailer uses a lot of the same footage, but the added clips of dialogue and voiceover help give those who haven’t read the book a better idea of the way much of the thriller’s excitement stems from unreliable narration. This trailer also offers more glimpses of the cast. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike play estranged couple Nick and Amy Dunne, while Kim Dickens and a nicely cleaned-up Patrick Fugit portray Detectives Boney and Gilpin. Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry round everything out as Amy’s first love Desi and Nick’s attorney, respectively. Gone Girl hits theaters October 3.


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