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No one really has anything good to say about Sandy Wexler in new trailer

In what might turn out to be a prescient bit, the first full trailer for Sandy Wexler opens with famous comedians like Chris Rock and Conan O’Brien mocking the titular character, a talent agent played by Adam Sandler. No one—not Pauly Shore, Dana Carvey, or Sandler regular David Spade—really has anything good to say about the bespectacled guy who’s been relegated to the periphery of success. But it’s cool, because Sandy Wexler allows Sandler to travel back to the ’90s, obviously one of his favorite decades, for a story about a middling agent who seems oddly condescending of the movies he watches. But he’s immediately impressed by Jennifer Hudson’s undiscovered singer, so he’s going to try to make her a star. If only we all had such a polo-wearing fairy godfather.

Sandy Wexler hits your Netflix queue on April 14.


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