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Noomi Rapace does the badass CIA agent thing in the Unlocked trailer

She’s fought aliens, abusers, and Rachel McAdams, but at long last, Noomi Rapace finally gets to shoot some guns while looking cool. (In a movie, anyway; maybe she does that all the time in real life.) Unlocked, the new action thriller with a deeply generic title, gives Rapace the chance to do a bunch of badass stuff that one would usually find in an Angelina Jolie vehicle. The actor stars as a disgraced CIA agent who gets called back into service to help figure the details of a suspected imminent attack in London. Unfortunately, while interrogating a suspect, she suddenly realizes the entire situation is a setup, and the CIA’s security has been compromised. Soon, she’s dodging bullets, tracking down the real bad guys, and somehow working with Orlando Bloom’s fellow ass-kicker.


It all looks like silly good fun in a Salt kind of way, with doubles crosses and who-can-you-trust spy theatrics interspersed with the run-and-gun action. One thing’s for sure: By the end of the movie, either John Malkovich or Michael Douglas will be revealed as one of the bad guys. No way both those dudes are noble mentor types the whole way through. (Our money’s on Malkovich as the baddie, obviously.) Unlocked comes out in theaters and VOD on September 1.

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