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Not even a tank can protect you in the Tank 432 trailer

The first trailer for Tank 432, a wartime suspense film from writer/director Nick Gillespie, has just been released. Gillespie is a frequent collaborator of High-Rise director Ben Wheatley who produced this, Gillespie’s second feature film.

From the trailer, Tank 432 appears to be more believable and feature considerably less machismo than David Ayer’s Brad-Pitt-in-a-tank-movie, Fury. The film concerns a platoon of soldiers and their hostages that find refuge in an abandoned tank, only to come under siege by a mysterious enemy. Presumably, it will be revealed that no force—supernatural or otherwise—on the outside of the tank is as terrifying as the human beings trapped within. Something like that.


Starring Rupert Evans, Steve Garry, Deidre Mullins, and Michael Smiley, Tank 432 rolls into theaters and VOD on November 25.

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