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Now You See Me 2 shares new trailer and clip, is just revealing all of its tricks

Lionsgate has said the magic words and released a new trailer for Now You See Me 2, which promises a showdown between The Four Horsemen and Daniel Radcliffe as a decidedly less powerful wizard—er, magician—that Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) appears to have orchestrated despite being behind bars. As we learned in the previous trailer, Walter (Radcliffe) wants Danny Atlas & Co. to steal some important computer thing, but it turns out the Four Horsemen don’t really like having their strings pulled. Dylan Rhodes makes that pretty clear to Thaddeus, who in turn tells him he doesn’t have much of a choice…and we just realized that Rhodes is kind of the Apocalypse of this movie, what with his Four Horsemen. Mark Ruffalo really can’t seem to stay away from Marvel.


In addition to that trailer, the studio has also shared a clip of the first minute of the movie, where we learn that the greatest trick Thaddeus ever pulled was managing to broadcast his show while in prison. Well, maybe Netflix is producing it.

All will be revealed, including just how Lizzy Caplan gets caught up in this mess, when Now You See Me 2 hits theaters June 10.

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