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Nuns and goths collide in the Little Sister trailer

Nuns and goths: Are they really so different? That’s the question (kind of) asked by the trailer for the new indie dramedy Little Sister, which stars Addison Timlin as a nearly-nun who finds herself trading one set of monochromatic clothing and dogmatic beliefs for another. Timlin’s character is just on the cusp of going steady with God when her estranged mother (Ally Sheedy) summons her home to help her brother, a war veteran with burns over most of his face. Her urge to reconnect with him draws her back into her old goth lifestyle, even as all the standard indie beats—quirky outsiders, pot-smoking parents, disappointment—play out, and Christian Death (get it?!) wails on the soundtrack. Joe Swanberg produces, while White Reindeers Zack Clark writes and directs. The film’s set for distribution on Oct. 14.


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