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Everyone loves a good faith-based movie, because if not they’ll get tortured by Satan for an eternity, but those films don’t normally look as competently produced as Stuart Hazeldine’s The Shack does in this trailer. Granted, stuff like God’s Not Dead set the bar pretty low, but this trailer actually starts off looking more like a legitimate drama than an after-church special…at least until Octavia Spencer shows up as God. At that point, it enters into a fantastical wonderland full of magic trees, Tim McGraw, and people walking on water, with Sam Worthington doing a Batman voice the whole time that is nearly impossible to understand. Also, in a fun twist that will surely make The Shack as popular with the Kirk Cameron crowd as other religious movies are, Jesus is played here by Israeli actor Aviv Alush and not some white guy. Fun!

The Shack is based on the best-selling book by William P. Young, and it’ll be in theaters in March.


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