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Oh boy, here comes iBoy

Netflix has released the trailer for its latest movie, iBoy, the film that dares ask: what if you had a smartphone…in your head?! The movie stars Game Of ThronesMaisie Williams and Bill Milner, playing a teenager who ends up with pieces of his smartphone in his brain after getting shot by some local criminals, an injury that obviously leaves him, not permanently impaired, but with the ability to see and interact with people’s texts and funny cat videos. Rather than loaning himself out to the NSA, though, Milner’s character becomes a low-rent, Watch_Dogs-esque superhero, dubbed with a name that doesn’t quite skirt Apple corporation copyright.


Given the incredible goofiness of its title, iBoy—not to be confused with Comedy Bang! Bang!’s very different iBrain—looks surprisingly dark, with Williams being menaced by British gangsters. Meanwhile, Milner grits his teeth and taps yes on in-app purchases for Violent Justice and Vigilantism, transforming himself into the hero we need, not the one we want (provided we okay all the permissions for the download, that is). iBoy debuts on Netflix on January 27.

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