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This is a divided time; a contentious time. But surely we can all come together and agree on one thing: Avengers: Infinity War needed more Valkyrie. Is it not so? As such, it gives us great pleasure to share news that should be met with much rejoicing. It would seem that everyone’s favorite hard-drinking Revenger will appear in Avengers 4.


The Wrap did some impressive Instagram sleuthing, tracking Thompson’s departure from London, where she and fellow Revenger Chris Hemsworth were filming Men In Black, another film in which they will play galaxy defenders. Hemsworth posted a couple Instagram stories about departing London for Atlanta to do “some Avengers additional photography,” followed hours later by a story that shows him and stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton in front of a private jet. Then Thompson posted a story with the caption “Bye London,” showing her and Hemsworth in front of that selfsame private jet. It was the same jet (imagine that last bit like “the doctor was a woman.) 

Later, Hanton shared a story that showed Hemsworth and Thompson de-boarding that jet, with a caption that said “Hello Atlanta.” They got off the jet at the same time in Atlanta.

That’s far from confirmation that Thompson is in the next Avengers movie. As The Wrap notes, she might be there to hang out, or film something else, or maybe she just likes transatlantic flights? But Hemsworth and Hanton were headed to Atlanta for Marvel reasons, and she also went to Atlanta, and she could also have Marvel reasons. And since it’s not the first time Thompson has been spotted on a post-Ragnarok Marvel set, it seems pretty likely that Valkyrie—who survived the Thanos finger-snap, as the Russo brothers and Infinity War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely confirmed on the film’s audio commentary—will turn up.

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