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Optimus Prime is still being a dick in new Transformers: The Last Knight teaser

Michael Bay seems to be hell bent on making it clear that his Transformers movies aren’t just about giant toys fighting other giant toys. For his latest entry in the franchise, The Last Knight, he’s turned Optimus Prime into a real jerk, the kind who thrashes poor Bumblebee repeatedly. If we understand the previous teaser and poster, he became some kind of robo-evangelical between The Last Knight and Age Of Extinction. So, okay, enjoy your newfound spiritual enlightenment or whatever, Optimus—just don’t be such a dick about it.

Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins watch this clash of titanium titans from a safe distance, which is probably for the best, since Optimus Prime doesn’t seem to give a shit about anyone anymore. But maybe we’ll learn it was all a clever ruse when the movie hits theaters in June.


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