It's everything must go at Miramax these days. Last fall that meant a rush of movies that had been gathering dust in the vaults got released. Now the post-Weinstein regime is apparently selling everything that's not nailed down. For proof, check out the Miramax / Premiere props auction at eBay. It's all there, film fans, if youre definition of "all" doesn't stretch much further than the less memorable films made in the last few years of Miramax's original incarnation.

Want "short-bladed rubber knife" from Halloween H20? You got it! Football pants from The Faculty? They're yours.

To be fair, there are some cool items here, including some costumes from Gangs Of New York. But here's what I'm bidding on:

Yes, you guessed right. That

is the cloth napkin from Children Of The Corn: 666. Premiere Props describes it thusly: "This cotton cloth napkin has a floral pattern on a blue and white checkerboard background, and measures 16 3/4" square. It was used in Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac's Return by Doctor Michaels to wipe his mouth after dinner! The perfect piece of MIRAMAX memorabillia for display!!"
Never mind display: Right now I just have to beat the high bid of $1.38 to wipe my mouth with a napkin used by Stacy Keach!