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In the trailer for Bastille Day, Idris Elba plays a “reckless and irresponsible” CIA agent—as if there’s any other kind—chasing after Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones), an American pickpocket who accidentally lifts a backpack with a bomb in it. Once Elba is convinced of Madden’s innocence, he enlists the thief’s help to uncover a large-scale criminal conspiracy at the heart of the Parisian police force. Beyond the inventive meet-cute between the two heroes, this looks like a pretty stock buddy action movie. Still, Bastille Day could prove to be a lot of fun with Madden leaving his Rob Stark gallantry behind to play a weaselly bandit and Elba using every head tilt and furrowed brow to convey maximum badassery. There’s a moment early on where Elba tells Madden, “You ran. Innocent people do not run.” Madden responds, “Because you were coming after me. Have you seen yourself?” Fair point.

Bastille Day reignites your wish to be Idris Elba on April 22.


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