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Passengers might be a straight up rom-com, based on this new trailer

When the first Passengers trailer came out, it presented the movie as a thriller akin to Gravity. But a new look at the film seems to be riffing on some other films in the Sandra Bullock canon. It’s While You Were Sleeping…in space! Or Two Weeks Noticein space! Or some other rom com…in space! Gone are the shots of our two dashing leads in peril, replaced by images of them frolicking around having a grand old time on a spaceship. They watch a movie. They go swimming. They have dinner. They have sex. They dance in a goofy fashion. Then they venture out into the great unknown in suits, possibly on a suicide mission. Who knows?


This is all scored to a treacly original song from Imagine Dragons, “Levitate,” about how she’s his shooting star because, you know, they are flying among those balls of gas. Anyway, we have to assume this is entirely misleading. Or maybe the marketing department decided to run with with the Twitter theory that the film looked like the fake movie Julia Roberts’ Notting Hill character stars in. Either way, it comes out December 21.

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