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Patrick Stewart scrooges it up in this Christmas Eve trailer

In this trailer for Christmas Eve—which is somehow not an entry in Garry Marshall’s holiday-movie franchise—a series of mishaps strands a bunch of New Yorkers on elevators on Christmas Eve. They’re all from different walks of life—well, actually, they all appear to be upwardly-mobile white people. But we’re sure that won’t diminish the power of any revelations they have before they’re rescued. In any case, we see Cheryl Hines stuck with her chamber orchestra, James Roday having a Chandler Bing moment with an attractive woman, Gary Cole’s agnostic doctor adjusting his bedside manner to include prayer, and Jon Heder pouting about being laid off. Oh, and Patrick Stewart threatens to fire someone on Christmas Eve while raging by his lonesome in an elevator.


This holiday drivel was directed by Mitch Davis (The Other Side Of Heaven) and produced by Larry King, in a move that we hope results in some kind of treacly-movie war with New Year’s Eve director Marshall. Christmas Eve hits theaters on December 4 (also known as Morgan Freeman’s Birthday Eve).

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