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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The trailer for Zipper shows us Patrick Wilson as another lawman with small-town values, only the mystery he’s trying to solve is how to keep it in his pants. Sam Ellis (Wilson) is a handsome, charming federal prosecutor who’s running for office. He’s got the wife (Lena Heady), kids, and sound bites to be this country’s white knight, a role he seems eager to play. The congressional candidate also has a crack team, including a politico (Richard Dreyfuss) and, in a role he’s well suited for, John Cho as an image consultant.


But Ellis struggles with the pressures of campaigning, as well as a growing attraction to one of his interns (Dianna Agron). In order to avoid a scandal, Ellis has sex with a prostitute; the cure then becomes the disease when he becomes addicted to sex with escorts. Ellis tries desperately to cover his tracks, not just to avoid hurting his family, but also to preserve the fairy tale. “Your mythology is your best asset,” Dreyfuss’ character says at one point, a story Ellis seems to have bought wholesale.

Zipper opens in limited theaters on August 28, when it will also be available on demand.

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