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Patriots Day teaser stages the moments before the Boston Marathon bombing

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, collaborators on Lone Survivor, already recreated one real-life tragedy this year with Deepwater Horizon, and now there’s the trailer for their second, similar endeavor: Patriots Day, about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Even this first look is a remarkably tense viewing experience, homing in on Wahlberg’s cop in the morning and moments before the explosions. Outside of Wahlberg’s composite character, the footage focuses on the officials who were required to take action following the attack: John Goodman plays commissioner Ed Davis, Kevin Bacon is FBI agent Richard DesLauriers, and J.K. Simmons is Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese, who was involved in the shoot out with the Tsarnaev brothers. The second half is scored to a slowed-down version of “America The Beautiful,” lest the title didn’t convey that this movie is going to be incredibly patriotic. The film is set for a limited release on December 21, and which will expand on January 13.


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