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Patton Oswalt, Amy Poehler, and more talk money in the We The Economy trailer

The latest from Morgan Spurlock’s production company Cinelan takes his usual edutainment approach with a series of short films covering various facets of the economy, all 20 of which will be released in one swoop. A collaborative work with Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions, We The Economy: 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford To Miss has wrangled over 80 different directors, actors, civic leaders, and academics to star in short takes on assorted topics that relate to the project’s whole. A partial cast roster includes Sarah Silverman, Werner Herzog, Adrian Grenier, Bob Balaban, Adam Goldberg, Maya Rudolph, Tony Hale, and Andy Richter.


This trailer highlights the project’s range, with Patton Oswalt challenging a child’s competing lemonade stand, Judah Friedlander dressed as a caveman and hawking assorted wares, and Amy Poehler voicing a cartoon pony talking about the minimum wage—all while being directed by the likes of Adam McKay, Joe Berlinger, and others. We The Economy will launch for free across platforms on October 21, with a theatrical release planned in addition to its presence on VOD and online.

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