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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

While America’s malls have increasingly been abandoned to the coyotes and LensCrafters, America’s mall cop comedies are still a going concern—or so the arrival of the trailer for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 would have us believe. A follow-up to the film about Kevin James falling down in a mall, Paul Blerp: Male Carp 2 finds James this time falling down against the far more exotic backdrop of Las Vegas, famously known as Not-A-Mall City.


Still, such semantics concern not Pill Burp: Mule Cart 2. Like its disproportionately self-assured hero, Plop Bop: Mop Slop 2 has every confidence that it will succeed through sheer brunt force, barreling unabashedly through a stock casino heist scenario, a pissed-off flamingo, and an elderly maid. Above all, Polyp Blot: Malt Pop 2 makes sure to rehash the Segway-and-skidding gags that turned the original Peep Poop: Meep Morp into easily America’s favorite mall cop-themed comedy of 2009, and necessitated this follow-up designed to satisfy the needs for air-conditioned predictability that our shopping centers sadly no longer provide.

Beep Boop: Blip Bloop 10101010101111 opens in the nation’s remaining malls on April 17.

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