A couple years ago, we asked Paul Scheer to rank his five worst movies of all time, but the list he came up with—which included Spider-Man 3 and The Last Airbender—hasn’t sat well with him. As the How Did This Get Made? host explained, “I just rattled them off immediately—I didn’t put any thought about it, and I felt guilty about it ever since.” (Admittedly, we sprung the question on Scheer on a busy day at San Diego Comic-Con without warning, so we’ll shoulder this blame together, Paul.)

So today, in search of redemption, Scheer returns to The A.V. Club to give us his updated, more thoughtful list of the five worst movies of all time.


5. A Night In Heaven (1983)

“You have to watch it, you have to find it.”

4. Mac And Me (1988)

“Not only is this a movie made by McDonald’s, but it’s such a rip of E.T. in so many terrible ways.”


3. The Apple (1980)

“The Apple is a musical, a musical that was so bad that when they gave record albums out at the premiere, people were throwing the record album like ninja stars at the screen.”


2. Miami Connection (1987)

“Ninjas, rock and roll, and cocaine. It’s called Miami Connection, it takes place in Orlando.”


1. The Room (2003)

“You cannot duplicate it. You cannot explain it.”