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Pierce Brosnan wants to get you super high in this trailer for Urge

Everybody knows you’re not supposed to accept drugs from strange people you meet in the backrooms of dance clubs, but just saying no is a little hard to do when the guy giving you drugs is Pierce Brosnan. That’s what’s going on in this trailer for Urge, an upcoming thriller directed by Machete Kills producer Aaron Kaufman. The film is about a gang of New Yorkers who visit an island paradise on vacation and end up running into Brosnan’s Willy Wonka/Satan. He gives them a drug called Urge that’s billed as being able to “blow the doors off anything you’ve done before,” but the catch is that you’re only supposed to do it once. Naturally, the gang of New Yorkers—save a square who decides to stay sober—take the Urge multiple times, and what begins as a bunch of sexy fun eventually descends into bloody mayhem.

Urge—which stars Justin Chatwin, Danny Masterson, Ashley Greene, and Alexis Knapp—will be in theaters and on-demand on June 3.


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