Everything ’90s is ’90s again, which means it’s time for that “Devon Sawa” Google alert to finally start paying off. Cash in with the teaser trailer for SLC Punk 2, aka Punk’s Dead, which reunites Sawa with his SLC Punk castmates Adam Pascal, James Duval, and Michael Goorjian—whose Heroin Bob died in the first one but is back for the sequel, because he’s more punk than that poseur Matthew Lillard. The teaser is intentionally vague, according to director James Merendino, but it points to a comic tale of misspent youth, midlife crises, and eating too many mushrooms. The Book Thief’s Ben Schnetzer leads the new cast as Heroin Bob’s teen son Ross, with The Amazing Spider-Man’s Hannah Marks as his pal Penny and Twilight’s Sarah Clarke as his mom Trish.