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Quick Batman V Superman teaser is all about scowling super friends

It’s only been a few days since the trailer for Captain America: Civil War premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but now we have a glimpse at another movie about superheroes fighting each other: Batman V Superman. Unfortunately, this teaser is extremely brief, but it does give us plenty of shots featuring Superman scowling at Batman, Batman scowling at Superman, and some other guys who aren’t Batman or Superman but are probably scowling. Plus, Superman takes off Batman’s mask, and instead of being surprised that it’s Ben Affleck, he just scowls. And what does Ben Affleck do? He scowls right back. If there’s one thing this teaser tells us, it’s that nobody is getting out of this movie unscowled.


The full Batman V Superman trailer will premiere—of course—on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, exactly one week after the Civil War trailer did that exact thing. DC and Warner Bros. are probably scowling so hard at Marvel right now.

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