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Quick teaser for Alice Through The Looking Glass reminds you to change your clocks

Daylight saving time ended early this morning, so either you already knew that and were on top of things, or you partied a bit too much on Halloween and have been very confused about why you were an hour early to everything today. Also, why do you have important things scheduled for a Sunday? Are you a professional football player or a writer for a pop-culture website? Because those are the only reasons why someone would have places to be on a Sunday in November.


Anyway, if you did forget about daylight saving time, Disney has you covered. It released a reminder for you this morning in the form of a very quick teaser for its Alice In Wonderland sequel that features the line “It’s time to go back” and a clip of (presumably) Mia Wasikowska’s Alice falling through a door. Get it? She’s falling back to Wonderland? Spring forward, fall back? It’s a daylight saving time joke.

The sequel will be titled Alice Through The Looking Glass, and it will feature Wasikowska reuniting with Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway’s White Queen, and Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen. Rhys Ifans will also be showing up as the Mad Hatter’s dad hatter. James Bobin is directing it (taking over from Tim Burton), and it’ll be in theaters on May 27 of next year.

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