The opening moments of this trailer for Sarah Adina Smith’s Buster’s Mal Heart are basically indistinguishable from your average Mr. Robot episode, from the overall ominous tone to Rami Malek acting weird and wondering whether or not the things he’s seeing are real. From there, though, it all starts to spin out of control and go in some bizarre directions that don’t seem to make any sense, which also seems a lot like Mr. Robot, but with a style and approach that are wildly different to that of Sam Esmail’s techno TV thriller. The film also has a bit of a twist that isn’t spoiled in this trailer but was touched on by The A.V. Club’s own Katie Rife in her review of the film at Fantastic Fest, so this could probably scratch your Mr. Robot itch if you’re looking for some more cerebral Rami Malek adventures.

Buster’s Mal Heart will be released on April 28.