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Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson want to teach you How To Be Single

When we last checked in with the production of upcoming romantic comedy How To Be Single, Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson, and Rebel Wilson had all just joined the cast, which we assumed was a star vehicle for Alison Brie. Instead, here we are with the trailer for the film, which comes out February 12, and there’s only a fleeting glimpse of the Community and Mad Men actor. (Blink and you’ll miss her revealing act in front of a cheering Jason Mantzoukas.) Instead, we’ve got newly-famous Johnson and aca-actor Wilson hitting the town, in an effort to help Johnson’s heartbroken wallflower get over her situation and start having fun again. There’s the requisite “getting crazy in the club” scenes, and some platitudes about living life to the fullest, but the obvious draw here is Wilson’s bull-in-a-china-shop persona. Let’s hope her new career as head of a fashion line doesn’t take her away from her day job, because this is obviously what she was put on Earth to do.


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