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Reese Witherspoon does heroin and takes a walk in the trailer for Wild

Reese Witherspoon gets back to nature in this trailer from Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallée. Witherspoon plays a troubled young woman, accused here of “using heroin and… having sex with anyone who asks,” who goes on a 1,000-mile hike that naturally turns into a voyage of self-discovery, meeting friends and strangers along the way, all to the strains of Beck’s elegiac “Turn Away.”

Wild is based on a memoir by Cheryl Strayed (a character name that would be far too on-the-nose were she not a real person), who co-wrote the screenplay with Nick Hornby. The supporting cast, only glimpsed here, includes Laura Dern, Gaby Hoffman, Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones’ Daario Naharis), and Charles Baker (Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete). The film hits theaters December 5.

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