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Reese Witherspoon tries to find her blind side in trailer for The Good Lie

What would underprivileged minority movie characters do without uppity white movie characters? That’s the question asked by this trailer for The Good Lie, Reese Witherspoon’s attempt to win another Academy Award and make everyone forget about that hilarious “Do you know my name?” thing. The Good Lie focuses on Witherspoon’s character trying to save a group of Sudanese refugees through sheer Witherspoonosity by helping them acclimate to life in America. Along the way, the men will learn about America’s wacky lack of lions, and Witherspoon will learn that it’s probably a little harder than this to win awards. It worked for Sandra Bullock, though, so who knows.


Also, this trailer is especially funny coming on the heels of Dear White People, which is literally a commentary on movies like this. The Good Lie will be in theaters on October 3, a couple of weeks before Dear White People. They’ll make the perfect double feature!

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