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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Reminder: The Inaugural A.V. Club Film Poll

Only a little over a week until the deadline for The Inaugural A.V. Club Film Poll, which judging from early returns promises to be the definitive source for determining cinematic excellence this year and in the years to come. The entries and comments so far have been promising, but we need more of them—many more, please!—in order to make the results truly authoritative. Here are the rules again:

1. Come up with a Top Five list in preferential order and submit it to filmpoll@theonion.com.

2. For simplicity’s sake, each submission will be allotted points on the following scale: 5 for #1, 4 for #2, etc.

3. Though it’s not required, you’re encouraged to include your thoughts on individual entries or the year in general. The most interesting comments will be included with proper attribution when the results are posted. We’d prefer actually names and locations, but if you’d like to use an alias, that would be okay, too.
4. Deadline for submissionsis January 22nd, 2006. This should give you plenty of time to catch up with those end-of-the-year prestige pictures that are currently trickling around the country.

Okay, so get out to the multiplex, tear through that pile of Netflix rentals, and give us your best.