The trailer for Same Kind Of Different As Me can really just be boiled down to this one exchange between a well-to-do sainty wife (Renée Zellweger) and her kindhearted but cynical husband (Greg Kinnear) about 90 seconds in:

SW: It’s pretty sexy what you did today.

KBCH: Hanging out with a homeless guy?

SW: How was it?

KBCH: Actually, it was kind of amazing.

Sure, the film by first-time feature director Michael Carney also stars Djimon Hounsou as a troubled, angry “modern-day slave” the couple befriends at a soup kitchen, and Jon Voight as a conservative caricature (himself, essentially). But the real message of this trailer is that the two middle-class white people at its center have a lot to pat themselves on the back for. They willingly became friends with a black person. And a poor one at that! Lest anyone think this is just more Hollywood mawkishness, be aware that this is based on an actual New York Times best selling nonfiction book co-written by the real-life husband and homeless guy. This movie’s going to have so many life lessons.


Same Kind Of Different As Me will arrive in theaters on February 3.