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A movie doesn’t have to be popular, remembered, or all that recent to spawn a tangentially related direct-to-video sequel. All it needs is a title people vaguely recognize—even if only recognize it from seeing it piled in Target cut-out bins around Christmastime.

Banking on that most tenuous form of name recognition, the producers behind Leprechaun: Origins and Like Mike 2: Streetball recently announced the coming of Jingle All The Way 2, a sequel to the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger / Sinbad comedy, starring—according to this confusingly punctuated and capitalized 30-second teaser—This December Larry The Cable Guy and WWE Superstar Santino Marella.


Cable Guy plays Larry, a divorced dad who is trying to track down a sold-out toy for his daughter. The official synopsis––which refers to Jingle All The Way 2 as “the second installment of the successful film franchise,” suggesting Jingle All The Way: Origins is not far behind––does not specify Marella’s role. The film will be released on December 2, in a DVD / Blu-Ray combo pack.

Jingle All The Way 2 was directed by Alex Zamm, whose resume includes Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Inspector Gadget 2, Toothy Fairy 2 , some episodes of Dog With A Blog, and the third entry in the direct-to-video Dr. Dolittle franchise. That last one, at least, is actually about Dr. Dolittle’s daughter, who is also a doctor.

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