Director and producer Eli Roth has finally managed to extend the meaningless mean-spiritedness of his films—in which unlikable characters are betrayed by their loved ones, their friends, and their own bodies in nihilistic orgies of death—into the real world, by releasing a trailer for his upcoming remake of Cabin Fever. Transcendent in its pointlessness, the trailer even hits the same beats as the one that aired in theaters back in 2002: dopey couples, idiot college students, blood, blood, blood.

The film—directed from Roth and Randy Pearlstein’s original script by relative newcomer Travis Zariwny—was announced in 2014, in an apparent act of Rothian self-homage. But now, the Hostel director’s agenda is clear: He obviously wants to trap audiences in an endless sensation of body horror-centered deja vu, forcing them to live forever like one of the hapless bloodbags that populate his films. (Or, he thought a larger-budget remake of one of his better-regarded films would make some money, it’s honestly hard to tell.)


Oh, and apparently the guns in this one are bigger, and the crappy sheriff is a woman now. So at least those things are totally new.