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Revel in the sex, violence, and ’80s fashion of the NSFW Dangerous Men trailer

One of the highlights of this year’s Fantastic Fest was the secret screening of John S. Rad’s Dangerous Men. 26 years in the making, Dangerous Men is a strange combination of Ms. 45, biker movies, and cheap, made-for-cable crime thrillers from the early ’90s. When it was released (briefly) in 2005, Dangerous Men grossed $70. (That’s not a typo.) However, due to its bonkers sensibility and incredible watchability, Alamo Drafthouse has secured the rights to this “rampaging gutter epic of crime, revenge, cop sex, and raw power,” and recently graced the world with this trailer. It’s NSFW, so as difficult as it may be, just wait until you get home.

A film full of violence, sex, and a third-act plot change (Rad fired the lead actress), Dangerous Men also introduces a big bad for the ages in Bryan Jenkins’ Black Pepper. (It will also make you think about the Rude Dog clothing line for the first time in 20 years.) Dangerous Men is the work of a true auteur—Rad wrote, directed, edited, and performed the music for the film—and for all the ineptitude on screen, the passion is undeniable. Comparisons to another Drafthouse release, Miami Connection, are not far off. Dangerous Men will be released theatrically this fall, and will hopefully make more than $70 this time around.

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