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RIP Lou Perryman: The Whole Shootin' Match interview outtakes

As I previously reported, character actor Lou Perryman died in a random homicide last Thursday at the age of 67. The loquacious, funny-as-hell "true Texan" was the subject of an A.V. Club interview I conducted back in 2007, when he and costar (and longtime friend) Sonny Carl Davis sat down to talk about the rerelease of their cult classic The Whole Shootin' Match, troubled director Eagle Pennell's no-budget indie about two shaggy dogs scratching it out in Austin, Texas. That interview ran for nearly three hours while Perryman and Davis regaled me with anecdote after anecdote and damn near drank me under the table; cutting it down to less than 1,000 words meant that a lot of those never made it to publication. Some of you requested that, in Perryman's memory, I go back into the transcript and dig those out. So here, by sort-of popular demand, are the Whole Shootin' Match outtakes, which I've housed on Decider. Fair warning: It's super long, but equally as hilarious, heartbreaking, and revealing as the original. You'll hear about Perryman's run-ins with Robert Redford and Priscilla Presley, find out how to open a bottle of beer with a .45, learn about Perryman's roots in donkey baseball, and generally discover a whole new raft of reasons to mourn the man. I hope you all enjoy it. Sleep tight, Lou.


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