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Robert De Niro tries to crack some jokes in The Comedian trailer

Robert De Niro’s 2016 began with Dirty Grandpa. He’s closing it out with another movie in which he woos a much younger woman, only this project is slightly higher brow. In the first trailer for The Comedian, which comes via Entertainment Weekly, we’re introduced to his passé stand-up named Jackie Burke. You know he’s out of the loop because he uses offensive terms like “dyke” and seems unaware that gay marriage is legal. But that doesn’t stop Leslie Mann‘s character, who he meets in a soup kitchen, for falling for him despite their age difference. A performance for a bunch of elderly people makes him a success again, but we assume the ultimate question is whether he’ll find happiness or something like that. De Niro’s casting is an obvious nod to The King Of Comedy, though Taylor Hackford’s film doesn’t look quite so deranged. It also stars Danny DeVito, Patti Lupone, and Harvey Keitel, and hits theaters December 2.


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