Likably vacuous characters triumph over unlikably vacuous characters in Romy And Michele's High School Reunion, a just-plain-vacuous comedy starring Friends' Lisa Kudrow and a woefully miscast Mira Sorvino. On a conceptual level, the biggest problem with Reunion is that Romy and Michele are zeroes: Because they're little more than dumb versions of Kudrow's character on Friends, they don't really have anything to say or do. And because they're such shallow, uninteresting people, we have a hard time caring when they triumph over predictable adversity—which never seemed particularly adverse in the first place. More to the point, Kudrow and Sorvino aren't really given a script to work with; most jokes consist of the two women being vacuous together, while Sorvino seems to alternate between playing an L.A. ditz and a New York ditz. (There is a difference.) As if to remind you that there might have been a good movie in here somewhere, Janeane Garofalo pops up for about four minutes—and delivers more funny gags than there are in the other 86.