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Room’s Jacob Tremblay gets Shut In again in new horror trailer

Someone needs to put a bell on Jacob Tremblay. The young actor, whose starring role in last year’s Room earned him widespread acclaim, apparently has a knack for taking parts where he gets lost, imperiled, or otherwise imprisoned, as revealed in the trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film Shut In. Taken in by a clearly unhinged Naomi Watts, Tremblay’s troubled kid character quickly disappears under mysterious circumstances.


The trailer for Shut In raises a number of questions, mostly about its actors’ past careers. Has Naomi Watts learned nothing about motherhood since she forgot to unplug the VCR in The Ring? Can Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton—playing Watts’ comatose son, who she’s blatantly looking to trade out for a newer model—ever hold on to a younger brother? Will Oliver Platt ever get another film role where he isn’t just parroting exposition at other, more important characters? Hopefully we’ll know more when Shut In hits theaters on November 11.

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