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Sacha Baron Cohen plays brother’s keeper in The Brothers Grimsby trailer

Back in October, the red band teaser for The Brothers Grimsby set up Sacha Baron Cohen as the idiot brother to Mark Strong’s hyper-competent secret agent. The extended trailer carries on in the same vein, but the characters now have names and a sad backstory. There’s also a “suck the poison out” scene, in case the film’s similarities to Your Highness weren’t quite obvious enough.


Nobby (Cohen) and his younger brother Sebastian (Strong) are two orphans who were adopted by different families. Despite leading a life full of drinking, soccer hooliganery, and Rebel Wilson, Nobby has never given up trying to find and reconnect with Sebastian, who’s grown up to be some kind of secret agent whose career appears to be in trouble. Sebastian is given one last shot to turn things around, and that’s precisely the moment that Nobby finds him and ruins everything. Soon they’re both on the run, with Nobby displaying a knack for shooting things, much to Sebastian’s initial surprise and eventual irritation.

The Brothers Grimsby also stars Ian McShane as a secret-agent mentor and Penélope Cruz as some kind of international villain. The movie is scheduled to be released March 11, 2016.

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