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Sam Waterston and Kristen Stewart are sad in the trailer for Tim Blake Nelson’s Anesthesia

A new official trailer has been released for Anesthesia, the Tim Blake Nelson-written/directed/produced drama that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. The movie stars Sam Waterston as Walter Zarrow, a popular philosophy professor at Columbia University who is seemingly randomly mugged on the street. Through flashbacks, Nelson’s script attempts to make sense of all the pieces and players leading up to the violent attack. There’s an ensemble cast of characters who don’t initially seem to have anything to do with one another but—surprise!—they’re all connected to each other, to Zarrow, and to the attack.


Indie queen Kristen Stewart dominates a lot of the trailer as a self-destructive and despondent student who just wants to know what it all means. Gretchen Mol also stars as a housewife with a drinking problem, along with K. Todd Freeman as an addict. Basically, there are a lot of sad people in this movie, and the trailer is chock full of tears, sighs, serious looks, and some philosophical musing. Nelson, Corey Stoll, Michael K. Williams, and Glenn Close also star.

Anesthesia will open in a limited release and on VOD on January 8, 2016.

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