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See about three seconds of Inherent Vice in this New York Film Festival trailer

Everybody’s already freaking out about Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie Inherent Vice—as they should. And while an official trailer has yet to hit the Internet, the trailer for this year’s New York Film Festival has the first glimpses of footage from the Thomas Pynchon adaptation. (NYFF will host Inherent Vice’s world premiere on October 4.) The trailer only has three spilt-second shots, but this being a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, you can bet those three seconds are fucking immaculate. And thanks to the obsessives at Cigarettes & Red Vines, we can tell you exactly where they are:

0:05 Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Doc Sportello, blazes up a doob.

0:41 Doc gets shoulder checked by a cop outside of what appears to be some sort of government building.


0:51 Coy Harlingen (Owen Wilson) and a flock of hippies (reportedly including members of The Growlers) sit down for a vaguely Last Supper-esque pizza party.

We’ll have to wait for more from Inherent Vice, but in the meantime this insanely long dolly track Anderson had built for the film should be enough to inspire a 5,000-word think piece or two. Alternately, you could, you know, read the book.

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