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See Adam Sandler in an actual good movie in the first trailer for The Meyerowitz Stories

Every few years, some stray artistic impulse prods Adam Sandler to bring out the sad clown lurking underneath his normal angry clown, loud clown, and vacation clown performances, producing critically acclaimed films like Funny People or Punch-Drunk Love. Going off of the reception it got at Cannes, Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stores (New And Selected) looks to be the latest in the “good Sandler movie” oeuvre, with our own A.A. Dowd praising the actor’s performance (and even moreso his co-star Ben Stiller, a comic actor with a more extensive track record in Baumbach’s seriocomic world).


Now you can get a hint of Meyerowitz for yourself, courtesy of Netflix and the film’s first trailer, showing off Sandler, Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Thompson as members of the title clan, all singing a song about a guy named Byron (or possibly Myron). Baumbach’s film debuts on the streaming service on October 13.

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