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See the first trailer for Kenneth Lonergan’s Sundance phenom Manchester By The Sea

Nary a critic had a bad word to say out of Sundance about Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By The Sea, and now there’s a trailer for the film about a Boston janitor (Casey Affleck) tasked with caring for his teenage nephew (Lucas Hedges) after his brother (Kyle Chandler) dies. Of course that’s a simplistic way of describing what’s afoot here. After seeing it at Sundance, The A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd wrote that it’s a “grand tragedy scaled down to everyday proportions—a film so overwhelmingly powerful that I spent most of yesterday afternoon’s world premiere screening either holding back tears or releasing them.”


This first glimpse offers a basic sketch of the plot, and a hint of the performances from Affleck, Hedge, and Michelle Williams, who is by all accounts astounding here. (Dowd said she has a “single shattering scene.”) Watch and relish in what the Massachusetts accent does to the word “guardian.” (It’s “guahdian.”) Manchester By The Sea will devastate in theaters on November 18.

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