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See the trailer for a Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, plus new details on its villain

The last Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was preceded by a short clip revealing the new web-wings on Spidey’s Tony Stark-built superhero suit, and once again Sony and Marvel are hyping up a Spider-Man trailer by revealing a new spider-gadget. As you can see in the clip above, it seems to be some kind of tiny drone that transforms from the actual logo on Spider-Man’s chest, which not only gives the wall-crawler a new toy (both in the movie and for the merchandise people), but also justifies him having a logo on his suit in the first place. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the full trailer.


For those hungry for more spider-info, USA Today has some new details on Michael Keaton’s villain, the Vulture. For starters, director Jon Watts says the idea for Keaton’s character came from the guy John C. Reilly plays in Guardians Of The Galaxy, who is basically an average space cop who finds himself swept up in a “cosmic life-or-death situation.” Keaton isn’t a space cop, though, he’s a blue-collar dude running a salvage company that specializes in cleaning up after superhero battles. Once Tony Stark realizes that’s a great idea and horns in on his territory, Keaton’s character—Adrian Toomes—turns to a life of crime. Luckily, he’s got all sorts of superhero debris laying around, which he uses to built a cool, vulture-themed battle suit.

Maybe we’ll see some of that come through in tomorrow’s trailer.