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Serious Owen Wilson tries to save his family in trailer for serious thriller No Escape

Despite being a reasonably funny guy, Owen Wilson has apparently always had a secret desire to be more of a serious, dramatic actor. He has even been willing to completely reject his goofy side for a handful of utterly non-comedic roles in films like Behind Enemy Lines and Marmaduke, and it’s that serious-faced Owen Wilson that’s showing up in this trailer for No Escape. The film stars Wilson and Lake Bell as parents who move to Unnamed Asian Country with their children, only to stumble right into the middle of a violent uprising. Pierce Brosnan is also there, as a guy who doesn’t do anything villainous but is almost certainly a villain, because that’s how movies work.


No Escape was previously known as The Coup, but The Weinstein Company decided to delay the movie and give it a new title after test audiences complained that they didn’t know what “coup” meant. Apparently nobody complained that No Escape was already the name of a movie, though. No Escape will fail to escape into theaters on September 2, unless the studio has to change its name again.

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