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Seth Rogen and friends get bromantic in The Night Before trailer

There are a lot of concepts swirling around the new red band trailer for The Night Before. Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie are childhood best friends in a loving three-way bromance. But since Rogen is having a baby and Mackie is a major celebrity, their friendship has been drifting. So the dudes decide to have one last “epic” Christmas Eve—a tradition they’ve shared since Gordon-Levitt’s parents died—at the Nutcracka Ball before they go their separate ways during the holiday season. However, Rogen’s wife gifts him a box of shrooms and cocaine, a combination to which he reacts “poorly.” There’s also a musical number set at the giant piano in FAO Schwarz and a Miley Cyrus cameo.


So yes, those who prefer their bro-comedies especially high concept will find lots to enjoy about The Night Before. Meanwhile, First Amendment enthusiasts will get a kick out of the fact that it hails from the guys who “almost” brought the world The Interview (Evan Goldberg is one of the film’s many writers). And the rest of us will just have to enjoy the affable charms of the film’s three leads. The Christmas comedy hits theaters November 25.

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