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Shia LaBeouf goes to war in the trailer for Man Down

Last we saw Shia LaBeouf, he was rocking a rattail as a wild child in American Honey. In the trailer for Man Down, he’s in military fatigues grappling with the horrors of war. This look at the film doesn’t do a great job laying out the plot—apparently there are multiple timelines and a dystopian element—but it does show LaBeouf acting really hard. The A.V. Club wasn’t too fond of the project when we saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2015, writing: “The scores of press and industry folk who left during the screening of Man Down (Grade: D+)—with the first walkouts beginning halfway through the opening credits—robbed themselves of the unique experience of watching a fundamentally wrongheaded movie transform into a merely misguided one.” Man Down is due out December 2.


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