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Shrek Off

To date there have been 4,035* Shrek films and TV specials. (*estimated) After so many, you might think that the creators of Shrek would eventually return to that well to find a small pile of crumbling bricks and swirling dust, but no. Shrek, you see, is eternal. He exists now, then, and always. He is the constant, glimmering, green blob wobbling at the core of everything. I am Shrek. You are Shrek. The world is Shrek—and Shrek is the world.

The latest Shrek film, Shrek Forever After is the first film to really delve into this omnipresent entity known as Shrek, and how through him we are all connected. In other words: Shrek is the nexus of the universe. When we ask, "What just happened?" what we mean is "What the Shrek just happened?"

Either that or "Shrek" here should be read as "fuck." Edgy!


Edgy! And I think we all know who to blame for the terrible, groan-inducing, edg-ification of kids movies: Noted coprophagia enthusiasts, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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